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Proud Wins

(first time out as a special)

Select - 07/08/11 Ventura, CA, Mrs. M Spacht

Select (major) - 07/09/11 Ventura, CA, Mr. C Neale

Select (major) - 07/10/11 Ventura, CA, Mrs. K Kahn

7/11/10 CHAMPION

1st in Sweeps (out of 26!) ~ 6-9 M, 4/23/06, LRCSC, CA. Ms. Jane Babbit (very FIRST show)

3rd (out of 26!) ~ 6-9 M, 4/24/06, LRCSC, CA. Mrs. Lyons

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/10/06, Contra Costa KC, CA, Mr. R Ennis

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/11/06, Contra Costa KC, CA, Mr. C. Liepmann

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/15/06, Shasta KC, CA, Mrs. J Doniere

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/25/06, Beverly Hills KC, CA, Mrs. B Young-Smith

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/26/06, Beverly Hills KC, CA, Mr. E Bivin

BEST OPPOSITE SEX~WINNERS~ 1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/16/06, Shasta KC, CA, Mrs. J Harrington

BEST PUPPY ~ 1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/17/06, Butte KC, CA, Mrs. A Bolus

1st ~ 6-9 M, 6/18/06, Butte KC, CA, Mr. L Mapes

BEST OPPOSITE SEX~WINNERS~Open Black, 8/07, Mensona KC, CA, Mr. L Howell

WINNERS~Open Black, 9/6/07, McKenzie KC, OR, Mrs. Kahn

WINNERS~Open Black, 9/8/07, Eugene KC, OR, Mrs. Photopoulos

WINNERS~Open Black, 9/9/07, Eugene KC, OR, Mrs. Cowley

BEST OF WINNERS~WINNERS~Open Black, 9/19/07, Gallatin KC, MT, Mrs. MacDonald

WINNERS~Open Black, 9/22/07, Helena KC, MT, Mr. E Weiss

WINNERS~Open Black, 9/23/07, Helena KC, MT, Mrs. Brown

Reserve WB ( 4 pt major) ~ 1-3-09, Palm Springs KC, CA, Mrs. Patricia W Block

WINNERS (3 point MAJOR)~Bred By, 7/10/10, Santa Maria KC, CA, Mr. C Trotter

BEST OF BREED/BOW/WINNERS (3 point MAJOR)~Bred By, 7/11/10, Ventura KC, CA, Mr. F Washabaugh

Echo won back to back majors in Ventura this weekend in the Bred By Class.

Then really outdid her self and went Best of Breed on Sunday over many gorgeous specials, to finish her championship!

CH Visions Cains Mutiny
CH Sounder's Hear Me Roar
Guidelines Fat Cat
Sounder's Vada of Somis
CH Kelleygreen's Amazing Grace
Visions American Express
Kelleygreen Starling


Talimar's Simone

BISS/CAN CH/ AM CH. Windfalls Pipe Major
BISS AM CH. Hyspire's Darktown Strutter
AM CH Windfalls Black Piper, WC (7 time Specialty BOB)
Talimar's Quilting at Sabre
INTL/AM/NETH CH. Raintree's Slippery When Wet, JH
Talimar's Cover Girl


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